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Date Favorited
by Candlegravity
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Candlegravity's fourth release on the VKRS Netlabel 'A Moment for Myself' is a beautifully grafted piece of work with blends of electronica, downtempo, ambient beats and soundscapes. We highly recommend you take the time to find your own moment and enjoy this release.
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Topics: VKRS, Candlegravity, Electronica, Downtempo, Ambient, Netlabel
The Lum Edwards Collection
by Old Time Radio Researchers Group
eye 1.2M
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comment 13
ADVENTURES OF PHILIP MARLOWE Elements of mystery have always been represented in literature, but the detective story didn't arrive on the scene until the mid 1800's. Edgar Allan Poe's The Murders in the Rue Morgue, published in 1841, was the first. The Murder's main character, C. Auguste Dupin, was a brilliant detective who relied on superior deductive powers to solve the crime. He and his unnamed narrator companion solved this and two other mysteries. Later in the 19th century Sir Arthur Conan...
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Topics: OTRR, Old Time Radio Researchers Group, Old Time Radio, OTRR Single Episodes, Adventures of Philip...
Classic TV
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26 Men | Season 1, Episode 3
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Topics: 26 Men, Western, Classic TV, 1950s
Stock Footage
by Republic Pictures Corp.
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Excerpt From "The Arizona Kid":
Topics: stock footage, standard 4:3, historic, 1939, movie, western, Republic Pictures, music, slavery,...
Comedy Films
by Robert Sisk
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This film starts with Andy Hardy returning home after serving in the army. And it's not too long before he's caught up in the usual Hardy capers. Stars Mickey Rooney as the freshman and Lewis Stone as his dad.
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Topics: Drama, Comedy, Romance, Mickey Rooney
Feature Films
by Jack Dietz, Jack Dietz, Jack Dietz
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In dis Bowery Boys picture, da gang befrends a wealthe soclite after day save him from a muggin'.
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Topic: Comedy
Comedy Films
by Sam Katzman
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Bowery Boy Muggs is tricked into joining a CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp) Camp. Thinking it's a boxing training camp.
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Topic: comedy
[ collection]
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Comedy Films
by Daniel Dare
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Bob Hope comedy with Dorothy Lamour. | You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page .
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Topics: Comedy, pdmovies